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Medical Treatment

Like a ripple effect, one mistake or incorrect assumption can lead to increased negative outcomes for the patient
Eliminate EKG rhythms until there is only one probable interpretation
Use this guide to determine when to activate air EMS and transport to a level 1 burn center
Members of Medic 27, Engine 10 and EMS 2 were the first to use whole blood on a patient since the program started
South Bend Fire Department is one of three in the state now carrying whole blood
The term has been banned from EMS training with the exception to describe its historical usage
Ocala Fire Captain Jesse Blaire was skeptical about the benefits of buprenorphine
Realistic scenarios that reflect the patients EMTs and paramedics regularly encounter are critical to preparing students for the challenges of the EMS profession
Learn to immobilize limbs with the best of them as Steve Whitehead breaks down the proven methodology for splinting like a pro
Medics with Grady Memorial Hospital now have the training and equipment to treat patients with transfusions
Solar retinopathy signs and symptoms
‚ÄúBefore you trade in your morphine for ketamine, the adverse events need to be discussed‚ÄĚ
Focus on what you can identify within an ECG tracing, rather than the criteria
Chicago Medical School organization hosts live tissue high-risk, low-frequency airway procedures clinic for paramedics
Reframe your thinking to get patients with atypical neurologic emergency symptoms immediate care
Hennepin EMS is placing patient weight technology in all of its ambulances
Madison Fire Department paramedics will now be able to administer buprenorphine
The Elijah McClain trial highlighted gaps in medical procedures that experts said must be addressed
Put your trauma care knowledge to the test on trauma terminology and assessment
Engaging payers, the medical director, administrators and field providers was key to MedStar’s successful telehealth implementation
Video showed smoke filling the Eastern Market station as an insulator under a train began to burn
Practical takeaways from the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade shooting for initial treatment and safe transportation
Colorado Springs Paramedic Nicholas Fisher tackled Dizmang and placed him in a headlock
EMT Robert Molesk said he felt intimidated by Erie County deputies when treating Robert A. Metcalf Jr.
Heart block recognition and treatment present a challenge in EMS education
Assess abdominal pain in 5 seconds or less with Steve Whitehead
The key to differentiating abdominal pain is to utilize as many assessment tools as possible
Dr. Jerry Snow shares xylazine pharmacology, treatment tips and high-dose naloxone implications
Critical insights into the implications of recent court rulings on EMS practice and patient care