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Now playing on 91Ƶ – “One for the Road,” featuring Steve Whitehead and sponsored by . Whether it’s street-smart tips on what to carry in your cargo pocket, or what to do when you make a mistake in the field, this twice-monthly series is a great way to brush up on the essentials all medics need to know.

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“I guarantee that you can improve your BVM technique by following these four essential guidelines”
Make your patient feel less like a sack of potatoes with these tips from Steve Whitehead
There’s someone out there who would like to really hear from you, and Steve Whitehead will tell you who in this episode
Solid EMS providers can often de-escalate an aggravated patient, but the very best providers can keep the patient from ever becoming agitated
Steve Whitehead is going to tell you about a better way to secure your patient
Spoiler alert, we are terrible at giving epinephrine to anaphylaxis patients. But we’re going to fix this right now!
Hit the streets running with quick tips from Paramedic-Educator Steve Whitehead in a video series from 91Ƶ and Hartwell Medical
The “Remember Two Things” alum is back to offer actionable tips for field providers; new episodes drop twice each month