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Vehicle Crashes

The vehicle crashes topic contains news about single or multiple car crashes, ambulance crashes as well as vehicular risks and challenges to EMS providers.

A busy roadway is hands-down the most dangerous environment where we routinely work
The Independence Day holiday can increase the number of intoxicated patients and bystanders you’re likely to encounter on your shift so be careful out there
Steve Whitehead breaks down how real-world MCI scenes differ from those we practice
Three victims were initially pronounced dead at the scene and several others were injured when a pickup truck crashed into a group celebrating July Fourth in Manhattan
Julio Cervantes Suarez recalls calling out for his companions while holding onto a piece of concrete
First responders from two counties responded to several calls involving injured persons and sinking boats
The stuntman crashed during a high-speed chase scene on the Detroit-Superior Bridge
St. Paul police said the car struck a tree and a light pole before starting to burn
A hot air balloon became unanchored during a fair in Williams and crashed into several vehicles
Three patients were flown to mainland hospitals after the boat they were in crashed into a Florida Keys bridge
A mother and son are among the dead after a pickup truck struck a group celebrating July Fourth in a Manhattan park
Braintree and Canton firefighters and medics started the whole blood transfusion on the crash victim during transport to the hospital
Wind and current made it difficult for Suffolk and Newport News first responders to recover the vehicle in the James River
Deer Park Assistant Fire Chief Dominic Albanese said the crash was horrible and will be tough for the community
Three motorcyclists were killed in the crash on I-5 near Camp Pendelton
The Duplin County EMS ambulance had been struck by a tractor-trailer after it failed to stop at a stop sign while on a non-emergency transport
Two Prince George’s County Fire and EMS personnel and a civilian were injured in a multi-vehicle crash
A Washington trooper called the scene confusing, involving several vehicles and people, some who fled the scene
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Deputies found the vehicle approximately 200 feet down an embankment in Yavapai County
The Mehlville Fire Protection District practitioners were turning at an intersection when they were struck by a passenger vehicle
Four were killed when the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office helicopter crashed while fighting a wildfire in 2022
The White Lake Ambulance Authority crew was responding to an unresponsive person when a driver pulled in front of the ambulance, causing a collision
The dog traveled nearly four miles to the campsite where the victim’s family was staying
The Day County EMT driving the ambulance heard a loud bang from underneath the patient compartment during transport
The pilot radioed he had engine problems shortly before trying to land on a street in Arvada
Several people were injured, some trapped in portable toilets at the Topsham Fairgrounds
Two patients were flown to hospitals after a tree branch broke off and entered the passenger compartment during the crash
A chain reaction crash on I-5 killed one person and overturned an AMR vehicle