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Thompson Valley EMS started with just a dozen employees and grew to now more than 80 with a fleet of 12 ambulances across six stations
, is a large, EMS based study that included 6 states, 17 hospitals, and 14 EMS facilities
This system is an innovative solution that sets a new standard for the secure transport of multiple medical devices, including ECMO during critical care transport
ACETECH reps will be in BOOTH #26 at the Arrowhead EMS Conference & Expo in Duluth, Minnesota January 17-21
QinFlow donates dozens of Warrior blood warmers to Ukraine for field transfusions to improve patient outcomes
The Prince George’s County Fire Department firefighters were transported with minor injuries after the single-vehicle incident
“This scene was chaos. Multiple victims, a house on fire, and a madman on a rampage, on a mission,” said Patrick Hendry, the head of the NYPD’s police union
Technimount’s solutions address the needs of the industry by offering enhanced flexibility and safety during EMS and critical care transport
While the CPR intervention may prove beneficial, more evidence is needed before it can become a standard of care
Is building a new kind of clinician merely a Herculean task or a fully Sisyphean one?
What you need to know about Ozempic and other forms of semaglutide
Peer-reviewed, empirical data is needed to pursue alternative payment structures
Five takeaways for mass gathering planning from a carnival ride malfunction in Wisconsin
Planned Senate hearing, bills find new interest as smoke from Canadian fires reaches D.C.

Novel use of video laryngoscopy with recording capability to improved clinical oversight in EMS airway management
“I guarantee that you can improve your BVM technique by following these four essential guidelines”
Demers Ambulance USA names MacQueen Emergency as an authorized dealer partner representing Demers and Crestline products throughout Iowa