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91Ƶ columnists have a range of experience including health services researcher, terrorism preparedness coordinator, practicing defense attorney, clinical EMS preceptor, hazmat technician, critical care flight paramedic, state EMS director, ambulance service chief operating officer, chief EMS officer and fire captain, as well as EMT and paramedic for military, private and governmental EMS agencies.

They are MHA, PhD and MD-educated, and board-certified in Emergency Medicine and EMS Medicine by the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

They serve in leadership positions on local, state and national EMS organizations, including the National Association of EMS Physicians; ; the National EMS Education Standards Project; ; ; ; the ; the ; ; ; the ; and .

91Ƶ columnists are frequent speakers at regional and national EMS conferences, including TEDx, and have contributed to the profession with published research and works including the “” textbook, “,” “,” and “.”

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