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The patient safety topic contains news, tips and expert-written articles sharing how EMS providers can build safety into every system of care, ensuring that patients receive the safest and most reliable care.

EMS Products
A short list of gadgets and gear that can have a big impact on how you operate
The death of a firefighter attendee and the wounding of three others, including former President Trump, is a tragic reminder of gunshot wound assessment and treatment challenges
Go back to the basics with a thorough understanding of pediatric appearance, breathing and circulation warning signs, and the cardinal rule of pediatric assessment
Over 142 million people across the U.S. have been under heat alerts
Orangeburg County EMS and the sheriff’s office will go to court after a judge ruled earlier that Paul Tarashuk’s death did not fall under qualified immunity
Millions are without power after Hurricane Beryl swept into Texas
First responders from two counties responded to several calls involving injured persons and sinking boats
The high temperature prevented a medical helicopter from transporting a patient in Nevada
A Long Beach Fire Department captain said speed was a factor in the Alamitos Bay crash
Phoenix firefighters found the boy one mile up the trail, where he was having a heat-related emergency, and performed life-saving measures on him
It took first responders 30 minutes to locate the victim in the Lafayette explosion
The Independence Day holiday can increase the number of intoxicated patients and bystanders you’re likely to encounter on your shift so be careful out there
Video showed Rochester police and AMR leaving the man on a bench where he fell over and was unattended for more than two minutes, the lawsuit claims
Patients complained of respiratory issues after an accidental release of the repellent inside the Lower Nazareth Township Walmart
Syracuse firefighters said they saw so many people on the scene that it was tough to tell who was a victim
Download this 91Ƶ infection control products buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation
Mount Desert Island Search and Rescue personnel responded to injured hikers in Acadia National Park
Incident at Kings Island Central theme park in Mason began when the patient entered a restricted area to get his keys
First responders in Syracuse rescued several members of two families including a child trapped in a car
A teen hiking in the Spanish Fork Canyon area was trapped when a boulder fell on top of him, breaking his leg
As you ready yourself and your community for a heat wave, keep these tips in mind
Insufficient sleep impacts decision-making, wellness and risk-taking, putting providers and patients at risk
Update your understanding of the role of antibiotics, fluid administration and coordination of clinical care
Former Aurora Paramedic Peter Cichuniec was sentenced to the mandatory minimum of five years in prison
A 12-year-old boy was trapped while digging a hole at Silver Lake dunes
The Maine Department of Health and Human Services has approved the use of the KangooFix and oxytocin
The Day County EMT driving the ambulance heard a loud bang from underneath the patient compartment during transport
The Heat and Health Index is a new tool that provides heat-health data at the ZIP code level
Steve Whitehead gives you permission to break things in this episode of One for the Road