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Active Shooter

The Active Shooter topic gives EMTs and paramedics an invaluable resource to find news articles, response and triage tips and expert commentary for active shooter response - from stopping severe bleeding, triaging multiple patients, and entering the warm zone in a rescue task force, as well as advice to pass to your family in the event of an active shooter encounter (AP Photo via John Minchillo).

Takeaways from Dr. Tan and Chief Wylie on training and communicating to deploy rescue task forces, unified command and casualty collection points
Why EMS should use preparatory commands
It’s on agencies to provide opportunities for community members to learn the skills needed to potentially save the life of a stranger or loved one
Las Vegas police said the shooter has been located and is deceased
The training ended with an exercise involving mock shooting victims, allowing medics to refine skills such as wound packing
Central Maine Medical Center’s ED was already at capacity when the shootings in Lewiston occurred
Gov. Janet Mills provided an update to the number of dead and wounded in an active shooter incident at to locations in Lewiston
First responders from several agencies in Ottawa County participated in scenarios involving clearing rooms, treating victims
Police say at least four people were shot in an “active shooter situation” on campus; the area was under a shelter-in-place order for several hours
Weeklong training at the Vibrant Arena at the Mark in Moline helped first responders with incident command and rescue task force lessons
Multiple agencies and departments in Palestine trained on communications and response in a simulated active shooter event
A shooter wearing a ballistic vest and carrying a police scanner opened fire seemingly at random, killing four people and wounding two boys
First responders in Boulder County trained for three days over multiple scenarios at Arapahoe Ridge High School
First responders in Norman drilled several times with several scenarios focusing on quickly treating the wounded
Hundreds flee during a shooting outside a theater where a high school graduation ceremony had just ended