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Mass Casualty Incidents

As the military saying goes, “Prior planning prevents poor performance.” This phrase can be applied to preparing for mass casualty incidents. Check this page for articles and resources on ensuring you and your department are ready for the unexpected, as well as the latest updates on major incidents in the United States and across the world.

Technologies require these four attributes to truly unite all the players in emergency response
MCI trailers provide a critical tool for dealing with emergency incidents
It’s on agencies to provide opportunities for community members to learn the skills needed to potentially save the life of a stranger or loved one
First responders from the Quad-Cities region worked on rescue task force and EMS best practices
Victims’ families have different views about the demolition of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
Ogle County Sheriff’s Office deputies were responding to a report of a person threatening to kill themselves and others when they were immediately fired upon
Survivors of the Newtown school shooting shared how the tragedy has shaped them and their future
The effort to build a multimillion-dollar memorial to the 49 people killed in the Orlando shooting was disbanded last year
Nine patients were injured by gunfire in the downtown Madison shooting
Several people were injured, some trapped in portable toilets at the Topsham Fairgrounds
Two patients were flown to hospitals after a tree branch broke off and entered the passenger compartment during the crash
Miami-Dade Fire Rescue medics transported 22 patients due to a CO leak from a water heater
Akron authorities stated dozens of victims had been transported to local hospitals
Allegheny County police stated an altercation took place inside a Penn Hills bar and several people opened fire
The BLUETTI portable power station quickly, and quietly, charges radios, smartphones and other devices when other power sources are not available
An explosion inside a Youngstown building collapsed the first floor into the basement
Weekend storms caused destruction, power outages across Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kentucky
Uvalde families file suit against nearly 100 state police officers following a report that listed “cascading failures” in training, communication, leadership and technology problems
Police said the pickup crossed the center line on Highway 20 in Idaho Falls and struck the van
A bus carrying farm workers overturned after it collided with a truck in Marion County
Regularly reviewing and practicing MCI skills will make sure EMS personnel are ready to act when a major incident happens
Keeping patients moving toward definitive treatment through accurate triage of life threats is the key to EMS success at a mass casualty incident
Veterinarians play a vital role in emergency situations, not only caring for the K-9 officers, but also tending to pets affected by disaster
The bus driver lost control and struck a guardrail on I-95 in Harford County
LAFD said 16 patients were transported, 37 were treated on the scene
Las Cruces police said the driver was trying to park her and stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake
A 16-year-old was arrested for opening fire inside Sanford venue after a fight
Take control of the situation and establish command as soon as possible to start triaging and transporting patients
The California Highway Patrol said multiple passengers were ejected in the crash