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The “What paramedics want in 2023" report, produced in collaboration with Fitch & Associates and the National EMS Management Association, and sponsored by Pulsara, continues our effort to identify how those in EMS perceive growth, change and the challenges impacting the sustainability and future of the industry.
The eighth annual EMS Trend Survey dives into perceptions and experiences across the country on topics like staffing, mental health and hope for the future.

Download your copy today to find proven recruitment and retention strategies, and tips for creating a path to a better EMS experience, for patients, families and especially caregivers.

Four steps to stopping the stress cycle
A guide to enhancing workforce conditions, improving quality of care and shaping the future of the industry
Join Fitch & Associates and 91Ƶ to examine solutions to the stressors of EMS providers across the country
91Ƶ’s EMS trends state-of-the-industry survey provides targets for reducing stress, staffing challenges and leadership shortfalls
Adopting programs to improve service delivery and agency culture
A closer look at the causes and effects of pressure, strain and anxiety on the EMS workforce
3 steps to stop staffing problem solving and start reinventing your agency
Results from the 2023 EMS Trend Survey identify an urgent need for increased mental health support
Adopting programs to improve EMS service delivery and agency culture
Finding the opportunity in perception discrepancies, underutilized wellness programs and leadership shortfalls
3,100 paramedics weigh in on reducing stress, staffing challenges and leadership shortfalls
Personnel feel unrecognized, many do not trust agency leaders and few are willing to recommend their career to others. How can we fix this?
The AAA and Newton 360 Industry Turnover Survey reveals increased turnover rates in full and part-time EMTs and paramedics
Join Fitch & Associates, 91Ƶ and EMS Survey Team to examine the perceptions and experiences of EMS providers across the country
Can you have transparency without honesty and communication?