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Strategies to elevate paramedic safety, wellness, career development and operations

The state of the industry EMS Trend Survey explores issues tied to provider recruitment and retention; safety, health and wellness support; technology adoption; and career development, produced in partnership with Fitch & Associates and the National EMS Management Association.

Insufficient sleep impacts decision-making, wellness and risk-taking, putting providers and patients at risk
“Most likely, you know at least one caregiver who is struggling, but you’re reluctant to act”
Identify and aid team members facing depression, burnout or compassion fatigue to foster an emotionally safe organizational environment
Breaking down some light-hearted and professionally-serious tips to start and build a successful career in EMS
Prioritize your wellbeing to pave the way for sustained healthy living
Taking the concept of the right care, to the right person at the right resource to a new level
Engaging payers, the medical director, administrators and field providers was key to MedStar’s successful telehealth implementation
“There is no substitute for experience. Yet, regardless of experience level, it is important to consider how EMS education can teach situational awareness”
The whole-system approach to protecting your personnel from violence
How a hybrid paid/volunteer emergency service model can provide the best care
AI has huge potential to improve care and EMS; but we must remain cognizant of potential biases
Five ways to shape policies that enhance patient care, streamline operations and provide a safer working environment
A 13-step action plan to provide compassionate and effective care while navigating the evolving legal landscape
More staff, better leaders needed
Four steps to stopping the stress cycle
Join Fitch & Associates and 91Ƶ to examine solutions to the stressors of EMS providers across the country
3 steps to stop staffing problem solving and start reinventing your agency
Results from the 2023 EMS Trend Survey identify an urgent need for increased mental health support
EMS leaders gather on our Congressional leaders’ turf to advocate for EMS
Be more proactive in your processes and maintain high-level standards of care
Avoid these mistakes to onboard EMTs who will thrive in EMS, and give their all to your agency
EMS Chief Peggy Fonseca was fired due to budget overages and personally responding to calls
There is no substitute for high-context communications and training that occurs between two people, engaging privately, face-to-face
Is building a new kind of clinician merely a Herculean task or a fully Sisyphean one?
Stay interviews help employees feel valued, respected and supported, improving their engagement and motivation
Through a partnership with the Girl Scouts of America, Camp Fury is igniting a passion for public safety and emergency services among young girls
Creating a mindset to achieve diverse, equitable and inclusive hiring practices
Industry leaders weigh in on celebrating EMS Week amidst the forces shaping the EMS landscape
Agencies and government officials must evaluate performance expectations and funding to determine appropriate EMS delivery models
Dispelling generational myths and clarifying the root of workforce personnel differences
The EMS industry research has spoken: tradition and old cultural norms and beliefs don’t apply to the evolution of EMS today
A national survey reveals EMS economic and operations redesigns that would have been considered heresy just years ago
A state grant will fully fund training for 10 licensed paramedics for Rapid Response EMS
While the concept has been around for decades, it’s the buzzy term that’s prompted the recent focus on this approach to work
As an employer, the pressure is on to captivate the workforce and stand out in a competitive job market
“What we have is a shortage of people who are willing to work under horrible conditions for chump change and be unappreciated”
The pros and cons of growing the talent pool
5 questions to ask to create an employer value proposition that will solve your staffing woes
Our co-hosts discuss the week’s top stories and how providers can positively impact the EMS industry during their career
Is addressing provider frustration the key to reducing turnover?
EMS Products
A short list of gadgets and gear that can have a big impact on how you operate
Take care of your companions, even when you’re on a long shift
Show your pet’s public safety pride with these pet sweaters, tags and costumes
Explaining the reason you are unable to cover an open EMT or paramedic shift is unnecessary and counter-productive
Track your activity, vitals and sleep, and achieve your fitness goals
Explore budget-friendly exercise equipment that fits in your home or on the go, perfect for first responders
Cushion your floor exercises or yoga poses for anywhere, anytime fitness
Whether a new or experienced hiker, there are countless great options to keep your feet safe and secure
A dedicated home gym is convenient, eliminates excuses and allows you to workout on your schedule
Air purifiers can capture tiny airborne pollutants like dust mites, pet dander and pollens that are known to trigger sinus and breathing issues
Massage guns offer a cheaper, more convenient option to a massage therapist
From beginners to seasoned pros, find the ideal dumbbell set to suit your fitness goals
Researchers debunk four common myths about the safety of intermittent fasting
Any EMS provider can improve their patient care and assessment by thinking like a remote-area medic
Protein powders can go a long way towards aiding your muscle’s recovery and growth
The top of your head needs protection; where does your agency stand?
Share your wish list with your community via social channels; you may be surprised at the generosity of your fellow citizens!
Products to engage the senses and equip a comfortable, calming space
A pee color chart can help EMTs, paramedics and firefighters know if they are properly hydrated
Because adults spell love ‘L-O-V-E’ and children spell it ‘T-I-M-E’, fathers spending quality time with their kids is a key to creating healthy relationships
Chapter 4 of this comprehensive desk reference about EMS in the U.S. untangles the origin and history of the EMS Star of Life
Offering educational options versus punitive responses can make all the difference
Division Chief David Munoz on guiding members in the same direction with clarity and meaningful purpose
Identify and conquer the fight-or-flight response with these four simple steps
Understand the distinction and implication of Congressionally Directed Spending and Community Project Funding
New labor regulations will increase the salary threshold for overtime exemptions – Steve Wirth shares how this impacts EMS roles
Sacramento City FD Battalion Chief Erik Saari on creating positive pathways for all members to contribute to the department
Use this guide to determine when to activate air EMS and transport to a level 1 burn center
Emergency care representatives testify about reimbursement, access challenges
Communication applications, tech allow real-time feedback on critically ill patients; enable error-insulated hospital reporting
How Mehlville Fire Protection District used ET3 and community paramedicine to improve overall health and quality of life for the community
Learn how to hone your thinking process to optimize your agency’s performance and achieve your career dreams
How paramedics can take action to protect patients from falling through the cracks
Detailing changes to equipment and PPE priority lists
It may feel counterintuitive at times, but achieving trust starts by showing unilateral respect to everyone, even when you disagree
Drs. Tracy Coffey and Ashley Huff discuss geographic inequities and extraordinarily long transports
Navigating the evolution of leadership styles
Pittsburgh EMS Chief Amera Gilchrist shares the progressive plan she fervently believes will reduce staffing challenges
Why smaller EMS agencies need grant funding, and four programs to look into
Use the habit loop to set goals in motion and achieve success
Action doesn’t equal accomplishment – move with actual goals in mind toward a common vision
Debunking unsound research and increasing hospital collaboration to improve outcomes
5 lecture preparation tips to ensure you leave your audience wanting more
Top takeaways on what’s next for EMS after the discontinuation of the CMS ET3 model for reimbursing treatment in place
Customer service – good or bad – has an impact on patient responsiveness, provider stress and agency objectives
The Pulsara platform empowers responders to triage and track patients while managing any incident – from mass casualty incidents to hurricane evacuations, MVAs with multiple patients or special events – and assist in evacuation and reunification efforts as the incident unfolds. Pulsara’s powerful scanning technology allows responders to instantly scan patient wristbands to create or join existing patient channels, making continuity of care and interoperability between organizations seamless. No matter who you need to connect with in a crisis, Pulsara can help connect you to the right resources at the right time.
How a state’s wristband system and Pulsara redefined safety at the Texas Renaissance Festival
Assistance is available from the U.S. government, but local systems have important responsibilities
Pioneering patient management and communication tools may be the answer to enhancing provider job satisfaction and combating EMS retention problems
Once you’ve determined what it will do, you face some more practical questions
It’s not as hard to get started as you might think – follow these initial steps