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Mental Health

Products to engage the senses and equip a comfortable, calming space
Hear from Steve Whitehead on why it’s time to destigmatize mental health
“Most likely, you know at least one caregiver who is struggling, but you’re reluctant to act”
Firefighters and EMS providers face barriers in seeking workers’ compensation, such as latency periods and pre-existing health conditions, FIRST Center research shows
Mend the Line counselors held an awareness program for first responders in London
Better nutrition, sleep and coping mechanisms play a large part in reducing line-of-duty deaths
Funds for Evanston’s Crisis Alternative Response Evanston team will help enhance mental health interventions
Identify and aid team members facing depression, burnout or compassion fatigue to foster an emotionally safe organizational environment
Reiki holds the potential to unlock new avenues of healing and self-discovery, offering relief from physical discomfort and emotional tension
Learn how a service dog helps a wildland firefighter and EMT manage her anxiety, interrupt nightmares and perform deep-pressure therapy
Municipal leaders support the bill but ask where will funding for mental health resources come from and what will be the impact on insurance funds
While you might be able to accurately diagnose every patient you treat, you must also prioritize your own physical and mental health
Inspiring ways to recognize providers’ contributions, educate the community and recruit the next generation
Listen to her extraordinary story of overcoming personal trauma and how obstacle course racing has helped her in her EMS career
As the Greek physician and philosopher Hippocrates said, “If you are in a bad mood, go for a walk. If you are still in a bad mood, go for another walk.”
Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler promoted funding to spare the non-police intervention service
Prioritize your wellbeing to pave the way for sustained healthy living
Informed by evidence EMS chaplain Russ Myers places a high priority on follow-up with EMS personnel and dispatchers after any pediatric patient transport
Here’s an overview of what EMS chaplains do and how you can become one
DEA proposal would make marijuana a Schedule III drug but not make it legal for recreational use
Agencies in Lima and Allen County work on peer support, EAP and training to help their public safety personnel
AMR’s ‘Freddie’ helps EMTs, paramedics deal with traumatic calls
The importance of bearing witness to the tragedy we encounter in daily life, and the gifts that these difficult situations sometimes bring
5 tips to inspire and influence others, stop making assumptions, removes biases and build better relationships
A firefighter charged with urinating on a medic’s belongings is a sign of a problem left brewing for too long
The rewards outweigh the challenges when it comes to serving your own community
“What drives us to do what we do?”
Don’t run when things get tough; follow these 3 tips instead
The term has been banned from EMS training with the exception to describe its historical usage