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Bob Sullivan

The Practical Medic

Bob Sullivan, MS, NRP, is a paramedic instructor at Delaware Technical Community College and works as a field provider in the Wilmington, Del. area. He has been in EMS since 1999, and has worked as a paramedic in private, fire-based, volunteer and municipal EMS services. Contact Bob at his blog, .

Understand how respiratory monitoring devices can be used to guide treatment during and after seizures
Understand the role of pulse oximetry and waveform capnography to assess and treat patients who are hyperventilating
Understand the importance of realistic training on specific devices and using capnography to assess for effective ventilation through supraglottic airways
You can use the Gather-Analyze-Summarize model to facilitate scenario debriefing and maximize learning
An unconscious patient, with absent or ineffective breathing, may be in sudden cardiac arrest or have overdosed on an opioid; here’s how to assess and treat the patient
Maximize learning from EMS patient care scenarios with learning objectives, clear briefing and pre-planning equipment
NREMT Paramedic Psychomotor Exam scenario station is uncharted territory for paramedic students and educators; here is what to expect on testing day and how to pass
Understand what is expected in each phase of paramedic programs to meet portfolio requirements to document competency in skills, scenarios and field internship
Here are some things to consider about getting past the stigma of mental illness and seeking help
Understand how monitoring tools can be used to guide treatment for COPD exacerbations